Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pawns of Voices for Vaccines

Do the readers of Rational Catholic Blog realize that contributor Laura Calise has written for Voices for Vaccines (March 2013). Laura is a writer by profession, she has a degree in Technical Writing and Communications. 

Is Rational Catholic Blog in the pay of Voices for Vaccines? 
What about the other Rational Catholic contributors? 

Or are they just working for free as shills for an "administrative project of the Forbes #3 Largest US Charities?

What about blogger Simcha Fisher who has been actively promoting the Rational blog on other Catholic websites?

Voices for Vaccines, a supposedly “parent driven site,” is an administrative project of the Task Force for Global Health, an Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) organization. The Task Force for Global Health is according to Wikipedia "an international charity affiliated with Emory University. It was founded in 1984 as the Task Force for Child Survival. The Task Force was initially tapped to serve as a Secretariat for a consortium of global health organizations: UNICEFWHOThe Rockefeller FoundationThe United Nations Development Programme, and the World Bank. 

According to Forbes Magazine the Task Force for Global Health is the Forbes #3 of The 50 Largest US Charities http://www.forbes.com/companies/task-force-for-global-health/

What would the Catholic Bishops of Kenyan say?

WHO and UNICEF seem to be behind the National Tetanus Campaign in Kenya. The Kenyan Bishops in March 2014 questioned why the tetanus campaign was targeting women between the ages of 14-49. And they wanted to know if the tetanus shot being given was the:  
"Tetanus Toxoid vaccine (TT) laced with Beta human chorionic gonadotropin (b-HCG) sub unit has been used in Philippines, Nicaragua and Mexico to vaccinate women against future pregnancy. Beta HCG sub unit is a hormone necessary for pregnancy. When injected as a vaccine to a non-pregnant woman, this Beta HCG sub unit combined with tetanus toxoid develops antibodies against tetanus and HCG so that if a woman’s egg becomes fertilized, her own natural HCG will be destroyed rendering her permanently infertile. In this situation tetanus vaccination has been used as a birth control method."


Laura C. said...

Laura Calise, here. I am a writer by degree and training, but I have not written anything for pay (last on VC Star, 10/19/11) since leaving the active reserves to "just" be wife/mom/volunteer.

I wound up writing a post for Voices for Vaccines because my story of going from selective/nonchalant to a vaccine advocate caught their attention. Probably a lot of that has to do with the fact that the Catholic co-director saw it as a powerful testimony of how Providence can give purpose and meaning out of tragedy. Never received a penny. Rational Catholic Blog is a hobby and outlet; neither I nor the other bloggers get any pay for that, either.

I don't know whether it is more pathetic or hilarious that you would rather play a game of six degrees than actually engage in the arguments. Of course, conspiracy theories and ad hominem attacks are the refuge of those in a position of intellectual weakness, so I guess that's all you have.

Oogedy Boogler said...
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Oogedy Boogler said...

Fellow Rational Catholic Cassy Fiano directs readers in her Sept 8th post to contact Karen Ernst of Voices for Vaccines. That Rational Catholic is a propaganda arm for Voices for Vaccines is obvious. Rat Catholics ARE pawns if they're not getting paid by the 3rd Largest US Charitable Group Task Force for Global Health which funds Voices for Vaccines.

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