Monday, October 13, 2014

The Pill Should Never Have Happened

The money quote if ever there was one:
If today’s gotcha journalists had been around in the 1950s to probe pill research, there would have been no pill. They would have exposed the conflicts of interest, the bullying of test subjects, along with Sanger’s eugenics campaign to sterilize people labeled as genetically unfit.
From Henry Allen's review of Jonathan Eig's The Birth of the Pill in WSJWeekend.

Let's review that again, shall we.
1. Conflicts of interest.
2. Bullying test subjects.
3. Eugenics campaign to sterilize the unfit.

Sounds a lot like modern day vaccine research. Oh, and how interesting that in counties like Kenya, the Philippines, Nicaragua, and Mexico, they are being bullied into using vaccines combined with birth control.

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