Friday, January 30, 2015

1 in 5 Children on Food Stamps: 6 Degrees of Separation

A sort of Six Degrees of Separation on a theme of One in five children is on food stamps in 2015.

1. War on Poverty
2. Daniel Patrick Moynihan
The Moynihan Report advocates for increased welfare for poor black families, but also expressed that welfare does not empower the destitute to find solutions to their financial troubles. Moynihan states: "The breakdown of the negro family has led to a startling increase in welfare dependency," and that welfare, although helpful, constituted a reactive measure, failing to address the true roots of poverty. Moynihan concluded that more proactive means to empower black families include the promotion of vocational training and a value in education.[15]
3. Roe v Wade (January 22, 1973)
4. Jesse Jackson 
Abortion is genocide. Anything growing is living…If you got the thrill to set the baby in motion and you don’t have the will to protect it, you’re dishonest…You try to avoid reproducing sickness. You try to avoid reproducing deformities. But you don’t try to stop reproducing and procreating human life at its best. For who knows the cure for cancer won’t come out of some mind of some Black child?Jet Magazine Mar 22, 1973; p. 15
5. The Welfare State 
6. Obamacare
7. Pope Francis "a society without fathers is a society of orphans" (2015)

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