Thursday, January 22, 2015

March for Life 2015 - Media Roundup UPDATED

Keep posting your photos using #‎MarchForLife‬ ‪#‎WhyWeMarch‬

UPDATE 1/23/15 10:23 am:
National Catholic Register Why We March

Aleteia has the March for Life in images. Good for them!

Over at Flickr, Elvert Barnes doing the good work of documenting the March for Life. 

Catholic Herald Arlington, VA.

March for Life via Storify has Why We March

UPDATE 1/23/15:
Don't forget, now it's the West Coast's turn. Walk for Life, January 24th.

Regarding the Media Blackout. 
We need someone to take up where the late, faithful Barbara Curtis left off. Every year she would stake out a location on Constitution Ave and photograph the March, so there would be a permanent record of the crowd. Perhaps something the Jeanne Monahan and MFL needs to consider. We need both a photo gallery and social media (for trending purposes). Perhaps Carl Anderson and the Knights should fund a photographer along with aerial photos of the event.

American Thinker has a piece about the March and the Media Blackout.

Daily Caller on the Republican betrayal of the Marchers.

Sean Cardinal O'Malley's homily from the Vigil Mass for Life.


Toledo Blade updated story (huge group from Ohio)

Wisconsin students attend Rally.

Has to be the biggest media blackout of the MFL that we can remember.
Very hard to find photo galleries at the usually secular news websites.
Mainstream media is pretending 500,000 people weren't in DC today.
If you attended the March for Life be sure to post your photos to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
Use hashtags #whywemarch #marchforlife2015

Interesting to note that the Rupert Murdoch press Foxnews, NY Post, WSJ have scant information, especially after they pulled Catholic newsman Brett Baier from an upcoming Legatus Conference.

Want a new news source? Check out EWTN News Nightly.

Photos and Reports
Live Streaming EWTN

March for Life Twitter

USA Today



Washington Post

The Guardian UK

PennLive Harrisburg PA Diocese and updated story 1500 attend

Toledo Blade (AP story)

Kathryn Jean Lopez Twitter keep scrolling down for photos.

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